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H.C.C.O brokers raw cocoa and cocoa products to the European confectionery industry and also offers the procurement of rubber, coffee, annatto and cashew.

Cocoa beans

Cocoa beans are the naturally fermented and dried seeds of the cocoa tree. The cocoa tree (lat. Theobroma Cacao) only grows near the equator. The main producers are thus situated in (West) Africa, Asia and Middle and South America.

H.C.C.O as an independent partner is constantly in contact with local exporters, cooperatives and institutions in the origin, as well as all important trading houses. This allows for a secure and specific supply and consulting of the chocolate industry. The industry can therefore choose from bulk cocoa from West Africa and Asia or fine cocoa from Middle and South America.

On demand, H.C.C.O surveys the supply chain and secures a timely delivery. The long-term experience of H.C.C.O in the cocoa business means a competent partner for the European industry for the purchase of the most important ingredient in chocolate making

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the natural fat of the cocoa bean. It is pressed mechanically from the cocoa liquor. The cocoa butter is produced in the industrialized countries as well as the origin, mostly as pure primed butter. H.C.C.O as neutral middleman brokers the trade of cocoa butter by the European industry and can rely on the production capacities of all important processors worldwide.

Using close business connections, H.C.C.O can satisfy the needs of the chocolate industry completely and fulfill the demand for Pure Primed Pressed cocoa butter in liquid or solid form. For the chocolate industry the timely delivery is of outmost importance. We consider the timely execution and just in time delivery a natural part of our service.

Cocoa liquor

The processes of roasting and grinding the cocoa beans result in cocoa liquor. Liquor is needed especially in the chocolate production and represents the main ingredient. It can be delivered either in liquid or in solid form. H.C.C.O is the first contact for known chocolate producers to purchase cocoa liquor.

It allows the industry to acquire its immediate or future needs of cocoa liquor and use the market expertise of H.C.C.O in the process. The European chocolate industry profits from the long-term business connections of H.C.C.O with the cocoa processors. Most importantly, H.C.C.O can advise the chocolate industry on the purchase of cocoa products without a conflict of interest.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa cake is the remaining product after pressing the cocoa butter from the cocoa liquor. A further grinding of this cocoa cake results in cocoa powder. The final product is used mainly in cocoa beverages and pastries.

Since cocoa powder is used in very different foodstuffs it is offered in many different varieties. H.C.C.O with its long-term experience in the cocoa trade of the European chocolate industry offers wide ranging advice and purchase of alkalized and natural cocoa powder with different specifications from different producers.

Natural rubber

Natural rubber is the milky juice of the rubber tree. It is used in different areas (tires, erasers, pacifiers, rubber gloves, etc.) all over the world. H.C.C.O as a service provider procures raw as well as processed natural rubber (TSR 10 & TSR 20) for European and Asian industry and trading companies.

We partner with a dependable local network of suppliers for cup lumps (raw natural rubber) and local processors. Our team in the origin takes care of the whole process of contract execution: from the initial business contacts to shipping. We as a service provider especially always strive to satisfy the high expectations of both contractual parties. In particular, we understand to efficiently overcome communication hurdles with multilingual team.


The edible seeds of the Orlian bush (Annatto, Roucou) are used in food production as a colorizer (E160b) and they are also rich in vitamins. Even the Maya used the reddish yellow seeds with an earthy and spicy taste as a spice and a colorizer (textiles and body color as well as religious rites) and they were even used as currency.

The position of H.C.C.O with its local structure in the Ivory Coast makes us the right partner for sustainable sourcing of Annatto seeds. As partner of the European industry H.C.C.O commits itself for the individual needs of the industry and sees the timely and correct execution through.