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H.C.C.O links the supply side and the European industry.

The services of H.C.C.O go beyond the strategic purchase consulting and the supervision of contract execution. A central point is the analysis of the futures markets for cocoa beans: we consider technical and fundamental factors and display everything graphically.

This knowledge is at the disposal of our clients via the daily market report and during the personalized consulting. Based on this analysis, H.C.C.O develops individual price hedging strategies in cooperation with the client and combines them with the strategic purchase consulting to the benefit of the client. 

Furthermore, the team of H.C.C.O assists in clients’ negotiations with their long-term experience and detailed market analysis. We also offer training for our clients in various topics of cocoa trade, plantation and purchase.

The training offers the European industry the opportunity to renew its knowledge about the cocoa trade. For a deeper discussion of specific topics, especially in exchange traded futures, H.C.C.O offers internal workshops to the clients.