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The partner of the confectionary industry

At H.C.C.O as a family-run company, the customers are in the focus of the business and the company philosophy

Your dependable and
competent partner

Since its foundation H.C.C.O works with an established client base within the European confectionary industry. We act as neutral partner of the industry for the supply of cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa powder. With its long-term experience in the cocoa trade, H.C.C.O supports the European industry in their procurement and advises in the creation of price hedging and coverage strategy. H.C.C.O acts as broker for exporters, producers and traders of cocoa beans and cocoa products from nearly all origins. Depending on requirements we supervise the complete contract execution up to the final storage or the delivery.

We have an own organization as service provider in the Ivory Coast for the direct sourcing of cocoa beans and coffee. Additionally, H.C.C.O is your competent partner for natural rubber, annatto and cashew.

and individualized consultancy are the cornerstones of H.C.C.O

With its headquarters in Hamburg, H.C.C.O continues the long tradition of cocoa and coffee trading in Hamburg.

Independence and individualized advice are the pillars of H.C.C.O

H.C.C.O conducts its brokerage with strict mercantile principles. Neutrality in our daily advisory is the unconditional base of our business philosophy, which is why we never hold any physical stocks or future positions. Only in this way can we guarantee the best possible and independent advice to customers and suppliers alike.

Our company is also involved in the marketing of sustainably grown cocoa beans through which the industry supply is secured. For example, we support the German chocolate industry in choosing cooperatives in the origin that shall be supported over and above bean purchasing. Particularly in focus is the fair remuneration of farmers for their part of the added value.

H.C.C.O sees itself as a reliable partner for clients and suppliers and strives to establish long-term relationships through trust and fairness. The quality and personalization of its advice are the focus of H.C.C.O. As a service provider, it is H.C.C.O's central task to provide the customer with information and to provide advice in decision-making processes.


Family-owned in the second generation, the H.C.C.O team combines over 70 years of experience in trading raw cocoa and cocoa products, as well as marketing rubber, coffee, annatto and cashew nuts. The competencies of the individual team members cover all areas of the value chain.

Market analysis, marketing of cocoa beans and products, price hedging, consultancy
Marketing of cocoa beans & products, sustainable sourcing West Africa, natural rubber, market analysis, consultancy

Susanne Richter – Disposition, logistics, customs, contract execution

Liane Ratzmann – Controlling, accounting

Said Djavan Khoshraftar – IT